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Ayurvedic Herb Bhringraj Uses and Benefits (
The Ayurvedic herb bhringraj, known as the “the ruler of the hair,” has been used since ancient times to rejuvenate hair and skin. Bhringraj helps to calm and cool down pitta dosha, strengthening resistance to stress. Premature hair loss and graying are considered a pitta imbalance. Bhringaraj is a rejuvenative for the liver and kidneys. It supports the cleansing of impurities, improves complexion of the skin, and promotes the natural color and luster of the hair.Bhringraj serves for several health benefits, such as best for hair problems, controls blood pressures, treats skin problems, relieves migraine pains, treats jaundice, cures eye disorders, treats ulcer, helpful in cholera, aids for scorpion bites.The extract prepared from Bhringraj plant is rich in alkaloids and the leaves contain high amount of proteins. The plant is known for its antioxidant, anticancer, antibacterial, antiviral, antileprotic, antihaemorrhagic, analgesic, antihepatotoxic, hypotensive and ovicidal properties. The plant contains several chemicals like polypeptides, steroids calcium, vitamin D, Iron, Vitamin E, magnesium.Find the complete information on