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cream_of_tartar_substitute_1024x1024.jpgYou've probably come across cream of tartar in recipes, or at least have seen it in the spices aisle in the grocery store. In the middle of making a recipe & had no idea you needed cream of tartar? Not to worry, we've got the best cream of tartar substitutes for you.
But First, What is Cream of Tartar?
Cream of tartar, also known as potassium bitartrate or potassium hydrogen tartrate, is a winemaking by product. It is formed from the sediment left over in barrels after the winemaking process; once formed, it is scraped off of the sides of the barrels and then cleaned and ground to form cream of tartar.  In cooking, it is known as cream of tartar.
Cooking With Cream of Tartar The best use case for cream of tartar is to stabilize egg whites for meringues. Cream of tartar helps eggs maintain their texture when whipped into stiff peaks and also increases their tolerance to heat, which is pretty helpful for baking. This allows eggs to brown & hold their shape.

The Science: Cream of Tartar & Egg Whit