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Sous vide Ribeye with a Chianti Fig Reduction: POV Italian Cooking Episode 67 (
The coupling of a perfectly cooked ribeye with the flavor of
red wine makes for a perfect dinner. 
Using a sous vide to cook a ribeye ensures that any aspiring home chef
keeps this dinner perfect by cooking a flawless medium steak without the
possibility of overcooking the centerpiece of this dish.  Adding layers of flavor to the perfectly cooked
ribeye increases the culinary experience to an event rather than just an
average dinner.  In this video I pair a
perfectly cooked and seared ribeye with a reduction of figs, chianti and
balsamic vinegar that will provide your nose and palate with an experience you
won’t soon forget.

Watch how I use my sous vide to prepare a
perfectly cooked ribeye that I complement with a fig, chianti and balsamic
reduction in Episode 67 of POV Italian Cooking.