Hawaiian Pork (in a Slow Cooker) recipe (kingrecipes.com)
This sweet, smoky, salty and tangy hawaiian pork is out of this world delicious! The extraordinary combination or pork, vegetables and pineapple flavors make this dish taste anything but usual!

The best thing about this hawaiian pork that it is packed with healthy nutrients! Onion, red pepper, celery and pineapple compliment the taste of the pork and give you your daily dose of vegetables.

The second best thing about this dish is the sauce. It’s a combination of pineapple juice, garlic, ginger, soy sauce, brown sugar, lemon juice, oregano, salt and pepper. Want to make it even healthier? Replace the brown sugar with honey.

Cooking this dish in a slow cooker makes the pork especially tender, every piece gets soaked in sweet and tangy sauce, that simply melts in your mouth!

This hawaiian recipe calls for canned pineapple. However, we recommend you to try using a fresh pineapple if available in your area. It will make the dish taste even more exotic and flavorful!