Easy Chicken Drumsticks recipe (kingrecipes.com)
You will love these easy chicken drumsticks from the first bite. They are so easy to prepare and toss in the oven or microwave. Coated in a simple and flavorful marinade, chicken drumsticks will make a perfect addition to your finger-food party, your simple lunch or delicious dinner.

Chicken drumsticks are an inexpensive cut of meat to cook, but you can also try cooking chicken thighs, wings or even chicken breast using this recipe. The chicken spice mixture used in this recipe is made from the basic ingredients, available in most of homes. However, if you have a store-bought one available sitting on the shelf of your kitchen cupboard, then you can use that one instead and save even more time preparing these easy and delicious dish.
The marinade used in this recipe makes the chicken so juicy and tender that your whole family will love! This virtually hands-free chicken drumsticks recipe calls for a zip-lock bag to marinate your meat, however, it is not completely necessary.