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Idli Recipes How to Make Idli Batter For Smooth And Soft Idli
Idli is popular for south Indian Breakfast or tiffine or snack.Idli is round shaped and steamed rice cake or lentils cake is one of the very healthiest breakfast recipe in Indian can serve these Idlis are with sambar,rasam and coconut chutney,peanut chutney and also served with green chutney.Basic Idlis are made from Idli rava and Idli rice.Now a days we have many variations in this batter.we can made poha idli,moong dal spinach idli,semiya(Vermicelli) idli,oats idli,Ragi idli,Jowar idli,Rava idli(instant idli with suji rava),Instant idli,kanchipuram idli,instant poha idli,chana dal idli,wheat rava(broken wheat) idli,leftover rice or cooked rice idli,Idli in jackfruit leaves,Sabudana idli,thinai idli,okra idli,banana idli,samvat rice idli(fasting recipe),kodo millet idli,little millet idli,cabbage idli,foxtail millet idli,stuffed idli,Chocolate idli.Leftover idli recipes – Masala Idli,Idli manchurian,idli upma,idly fry,idli chaat,chilli idli,Cocktail idli,Malgapodi Idli recipe.Find the complete Recipe on